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Special alloy

High Temperature Alloy

High temperature alloy is also called thermal alloy, heat-resistant alloy and super alloy, including iron, nickel and cobalt based three categories. Between high temperature alloy refers to the range of 253 ~ 1350 ℃ has good resistance to oxidation of ......more

Corrosion Resistant Alloy

The corrosion resistant alloy is mainly used in Petroleum chemical industry, like the complex of acid, alkali, salt corrosion medium. CMRI’s independent grades 3YC7, 3YC8, 3YC18, 3YC19, 3YC21, 3YC21B, 3YC22, 3YC22B, 3YC23, 3YC24, 3YC24B, 3YC25, 3YC58,......more

Precision Alloy

Precision alloy is one of the most mature functional materials, including magnetic, elasticity, heat expansion, double and resistance alloy, etc. In our own product grades: 1YC1~11 magnetic alloy, 3YC1~6, 3YC4P, 3YC4P2, 3YC9~16, 3YC41~42, 3YC55~56, 6YC3......more

Special Stainless Steel

Special stainless steel has special performance requirements of high performance such as no magnetic, corrosion resistant, high strength, toughness, high elasticity, high hardness, wear resistance, heat resistance, soft magnetic stainless, etc. Our own product grades: 3YC16, 3YC20, 3YC30, 3YC31, 3YC32, 3YC34, 3YC34L, 3YC35, 3YC36, 3YC37, 3YC60, 6YC3, 6YC5, 2205、2207、17-7、17-4, 15-7Mo, S31254, S......more